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A New Opportunity Is In Front Of You

Healing at The Cove

I believe that all of the parts of us need to be addressed in healing - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. I am assembling a team that addresses all four aspects with the understanding that every modality impacts all four and that the division between modalities is ultimately a constructed one.

I believe that the healing of the healer is primary. I will support the healing and juice of each person who works here. And I am creating a community where we can support each other.

We will offer regular one on one sessions. as well as workshops, group healing sessions and gatherings on various topics.

We will also offer a unique approach to healing. The first piece of this is the focus on the client’s challenge/symptom/pain rather than the modality. Clients know their experience. We can help them figure out what they need to heal.

The second is a program called Salacia Healing. This is a 30-hour two-week program that provides deep transformation on all levels. It is difficult to make big changes in an hour a week. Salacia Healing gives clients the opportunity to transform their lives. This will begin a few months after the Cove opens on May 1, 2019.

The Space

There are six treatment rooms at The Cove. Three for body work, two for counselling, and one larger room for group process and small yoga classes. Each room is named after a type of wave - in recognition of the different ways energy moves through us as we heal:

Seiche - a wave in a standing pool of water such as a cove - it oscillates back and forth.

Tide - wave created by the interaction of the gravitational forces of the sun, moon, and earth.

Swell - a wave caused by the transfer of wind energy onto a large body of water.

Kelvin - a large wave whose structure persists along coastal or equatorial boundaries.

Plunging - a large crest wave above a steep or sudden change in the depth of the ocean floor.

Spilling - a smaller crest wave created along a gently sloping ocean floor.

Every item in the space has been carefully chosen and placed to support the healing of all who enter. I clear the energy in the space daily. Photos will be posted when installation is complete - you are welcome to come by and see the space.

Information About the Founder, Alison Crosthwait


I’ve tried to do and be a lot of different things.

I thought I knew what I wanted in life and I really tried. Hard. Loss after loss hit me over the head.

It sounds simplistic and the journey was long but once I gave up trying to make my life look like what I wanted it to and instead invested in me everything changed. As I have supported and cultivated my physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual wellbeing I have bloomed.

You don’t control blooming. You create the conditions for it and you hope for it. You can’t make it happen. But you can encourage and allow it.

The Cove is my blooming. It is everything and yet not the design of my will but of my being.

I am a Registered Psychotherapist. That barely captures it. You can read some of my journey and see my detailed influences and trainings at my website Alison Crosthwait.

Join Us

I am looking for healers of many types to join The Cove. Whatever your training, if you feel drawn to be in touch I would love to hear from you.

For the opening on May 1, 2019 I am looking for:

  • 1-2 psychologically and possibly spiritually-minded massage therapists

  • naturopathic doctor

  • TCM practitioner

  • osteopath

  • psychotherapist, psychologist, or social worker

  • yoga teacher/yoga therapist/restorative yoga teacher/Kripalu yoga teacher

I am also looking for the following professions and trainings:

  • homeopath

  • ayurvedic practitioner

  • cranial sacral therapist

  • pelvic physiotherapist

  • applied kinesiology

  • EFT/energy psychology

  • core energetics practitioner

  • spiritual and energy healing including shamanic work

  • Brennan healing science practitioner

The fit is more important than the modality.

What if…

As healers we focussed on our own juice? Our own vibrancy?

At The Cove my vision is for each of us to thrive. And I mean thrive. When we thrive this is effortlessly passed on to our clients. I believe our life force energy is a big part of what heals.

This vision will be embedded into daily life at The Cove. I consider it a part of my mission to support the thriving of each practitioner at The Cove understanding that thriving looks different for everyone.

I believe we can only help others heal to the extent we are healing ourselves. There is no expert model here at The Cove.

Each of us works intensively on our physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual wellbeing.  We are always crossing new frontiers.  We support each other in our very different ways of doing this.

There is so much that we do not know.  We are well trained, we are passionate about being at the forefront of our fields, and we acknowledge that the unconscious is powerful and always present and that we are always learning about ourselves, healing, and the world.

Being a healer is about far more than technique.  How we work is as important as the healing we do. Our relationships with our clients are the absolute cornerstone of our work.  We work to open our hearts, to listen deeply, to take responsibility for our wounds and our limitations, and to maintain boundaries as an expression of our deep love.

We trust each other’s processes and we speak our needs.

We work to maintain the delicate balance between satisfying our regulated colleges impeccably and resisting the expert culture that is destroying the planet.

Come join us as we create something new.


The Cove provides its practitioners with energetically prepared space, flexible hours, virtual reception for booking, payments and receipts, laundry, extensive marketing, supplies, and love.

The Cove offers a pay split arrangement.

We open May 1, 2019.

If you would like to talk more about working at The Cove, please send me an email at that outlines your training and experience and what draws you to The Cove.