Acupuncture, Psychotherapy, Naturopathic Medicine in Woodbridge

How far do you want to go?

Wade into the water and see how it feels.

The Cove offers four waves of healing, each taking you progressively deeper into possibility.


Get Your Feet Wet


First Option: Wading

Come and see us for a massage, an acupuncture treatment, psychotherapy, or energetic or spiritual healing. We can help you with physical pain, stress, low energy, depression, anxiety… we can help you feel better.

The first wave of healing can happen quite quickly. Better sleep, less anxiety, less or no pain, a bit more spark….

Diving In


Second Option: Let Us Help You Figure Out What You Need

How are you supposed to know if you should see a naturopath or a psychotherapist or a reiki healer? What you know is what you are experiencing. What we know is how to help you heal.

Come in for a Diving In session that addresses your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual concerns. One of our practitioners will spend time with you, help you gain some relief from what you are experiencing and will, in collaboration with you, create a plan for healing.

This wave takes you deeper. You make a plan for your well being that covers all the levels of distress and possibility.




Third Option: Salacia Healing

Salacia Healing is a two-week, 30 hour dive into who you are.

We have developed a transformational alchemy of healing that addresses physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects.

After Salacia Healing you will be new. You will be new to yourself.

The first step towards Salacia Healing is booking a Diving session.

And Beyond


Fourth Option: A Big Yes To Yourself

At this point your healing has tremendous momentum and you long to jump into the depths.

Our practitioners have experience in healing modalities far beyond the ordinary.

What we don’t offer at The Cove we refer you to master teachers locally and around the world.

That’s some kind of “vacation.”