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Salacia Healing


What if you could have everything you wanted?

What if your life had as much joy as it did sorrow?

What if you were able to break through chronic pain, anxiety, and depression?

This is all possible.

So much is possible.

In fact literally everything is possible.

And - it often takes a lot of pain, a lot of time, a lot of hard work and some huge mental shifts to get there.

We know from personal and professional experience than massive trauma, crippling anxiety, overwhelming depression can be overcome.

We have developed Salacia Healing as a response to a gap we see in healing - a gap that addresses the needs of people who want to make big changes and get on a new path once and for all.

What is Salacia Healing?

Salacia Healing is a two week transformation.

Every day for two weeks (five days a week) you come in to the clinic for three hours.

We address your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.


  • Salacia Healing begins with an intense physical, emotional, and spiritual cleansing.

  • We then work on all levels every day. Like a tube of toothpaste rolled from the bottom, material will begin to arise for release.

  • We will explore your lifestyle and recommend supplements and herbal medicines as appropriate.

  • We will investigate your thinking and you will have insights and shifts in how you view your life and the world.

  • We will help you release emotions you have held for a long time, open your heart, and heal past wounds. All those patterns and hurts will be reflected and purged. This work is never finished - it is a lifetime’s work - and we will move through a massive portion of what you are currently holding.

  • We will clear spiritual and energetic blockages and restore lost power to you.

  • Imagine a combination of medical consultation, therapy, movement, and energy work. Each session relating to and building upon the previous one.

  • An integration plan involving continued visits to The Cove at regular intervals for six months after your Salacia Healing experience.

When you leave the clinic on the tenth day you will be new to yourself. Your emotions will be flowing more freely. You won’t be as attached to your thoughts and your worries. You will have ground and a stronger sense of purpose. You will have so many tools and insights to guide you as you re-create how you live your life. You will be more of yourself.

This isn’t for everyone. We are careful as to who we accept into this program as we want you to succeed. We make regular referrals to other health care professionals as required and Salacia Healing is not a substitute for medical treatment. It is a personal development program to bring you into the fullness of who you are.

I created this program because I want my clients to benefit from all of what is possible for them. Weekly therapy, incremental lifestyle changes… these have a crucial place in our journeys. And - for some - they know more is possible. And they want it now. They are willing to feel it all and submerse themselves in the work of healing in order to come out on the other side more of the person they know they are.

They want to open their hearts wider, love harder, create bigger… they want the energy and the openness to change the world. On whatever scale that means for them.

It’s all possible. It really is.

The first step to Salacia Healing is to book a Plunging Session. The Plunging Session is a healing and assessment session that results in a plan for moving forward and we can talk about Salacia Healing further in that session if it is a good fit for you.

We are located in Woodbridge, ON, 25km north of Downtown Toronto in the GTA. If you are travelling we can recommend places to stay nearby for Salacia Healing.